About the Universal Debriefing System

> What is special about The Universal Debriefing System

one word : EFFECTIVE : the techniques work

two words : EFFECTIVE and EASY : anyone can do this

three words : EFFECTIVE, EASY and FAST : you don't have to study for 10 years before getting results, it takes just seconds!

fourth and final word : NATURAL, FAST, EASY and EFFECTIVE :it works and is easy and quick because it works with the fundamentals of human nature to change how you think and feel about your situation and the experiences you have.

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> Who should use The Universal Debriefing System

Anyone who can read and use a browser. The program works at a level of the brain which is deeper than language, sex, class or culture and operates at a more fundamental part of being human which makes the learning of the skills easy.

This program came from my experiences with Police and other crisis workers so it works for them. It also works for those in less stressful occupations too.

It works for any one who: feels overworked : feels overwhelmed : gets cranky : gets overtired : and also for anyone who : wants to get more control : wants a better memory : wants to be more relaxed alone and with others.

And those who don't need it should get it to practice the skills for the inevitable time when they do get stressed and would like more skills. Now you can learn the easy way to convert stress to YES!

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> What is The Universal Debriefing System

The system is composed of 3 interacting Strategies to get control according to the level you want.

1. Incident Debriefing Strategy - to deal with any special events during your day.
2. The Fine Details - for fine-tuning your attitude etc.
3. Daily Debriefing Strategy - you can do this daily (a few minutes - faster with practice).

Any System is composed of interacting parts and you will find after practice that doing one Strategy will normally be enough because the effects of that are so strong that the other strategies may not be needed.

If one of those Strategies isn't working for you, do the next!

By systematically going through the Strategies and applying them you WILL get more control and calm.

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> When do you need The Universal Debriefing System

Some of the examples of Debriefing (and Prebriefing) from the program are:

crisis situations
job interviews
racial conflict
court appearances
car accidents

it's also useful with:

marital conflicts
getting motivated for doing taxes
martial arts
emotional change
understanding others
communicating more precisely
getting the message across

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> How does The Universal Debriefing System work

It works as well as it does because it uses the Limbic System - a key neurological system in the brain which has the job of mediating psychological states.

The Limbic System however has one major failing - it can't tell the difference between imaginary experiences and real ones!

So often people become genuinely happy or sad or enthused or despondent according to what they think about, regardless of their actual circumstances.

What this allows of course is the changing of a particular state or feeling once you have more control over this part of the brain. Interestingly it's not so much the contents of thinking which determine how you feel but the way in which your brain codes the experience.

The Universal Debriefing System trains you to store and remember negative experiences as learning and information rather than feeling. Then you can also use it to enhance experiences - make them more emotionally meaningful!

This can be useful for tackling daily tasks as well as things like crises, job interviews, relationships etc. You can even make the washing-up satisfying (as some already do naturally).

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> Where did The Universal Debriefing System come from

I made the program after working with Australian police.

I could see from talking with them and going on patrol with them that they had a vast need for some training in how to convert stress into something more useful.

Then of course I realised that others could use these skills and strategies. After all, if they work on the police they should work on most people.

I decided to make a self-run training program for anyone who wants to get more choices over their own feelings in a life-enhancing form of control and relaxation rather than repression.

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